10 Celeb News Stories That Almost Broke the Internet in 2014

10 Celeb News Stories That Almost Broke the Internet in 2014

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The Internet is a strange place where one seemingly small moment can blow up in ways that no one could have anticipated.
Hey guys you’re back at Clevver’s Best of 2014 where we’re giving you not one, not two, but 10 news stories from this year that came THISCLOSE to breaking the Internet. As we mentioned, while some of these stories started off small and slowly snowballed into something huge, there are other moments that made the Internet nearly explode right out of the gate. From memes to think pieces and everything in between, these are some moments people just couldn’t stop talking about.

1. Nude Photo Leak
2. Beyonce/Jay Z/Solange Elevator Fight
3. Adele Dazeem
4. Justin Bieber DUI
5. Jennifer Lawrence Falling at the Oscars
6. Zac Efron Stripping at the MTV Movie Awards
7. Taylor Swift Releasing 1989
8. Robin Williams Passing Away
9. George Clooney’s Wedding
10. Renee Zellwegger’s New Face

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kryceksangel says:

CM Punk literally broke the internet twice

Badgalminaj ! says:

Don't forget about the Rihanna beating. That made serval headlines and news

Rahima Nazir says:

1989 came out on my birthday!

westkid says:

Where was I for number 10?

Emma Jacobsen says:

I love Dana Ward😍

Zainysphtm says:

one direction's #FOURHangout crashed google. u should hv included

P1nk Angel says:

U will like dis comment ::))

nerdatheart94 says:

Who composes lists for this channel? The only one that "broke the internet" was the death of Robin Williams. The rest was just trivial entertainment news that most people didn't even care about.

hardik vishal says:

wat abt paul walker accident ???

SoftlyFalling Sakura (Rachael Sarah) says:

in the flesh 2015

W.A.B Beesley says:

Gorge Clooney`s wife looks a bit like Ann Hatheway, right?

Ali Mason says:

Too bad this was before the dress. 😝blue and black or white and gold?

jbrothers221 says:

I love how celebrities think a post on twitter is breaking the internet..

Jackie Cortez says:

I love robin Williams 

Nicki M says:

Nice white blue dress

Karel Nareswara (karl888) says:

Thats a really nice blue and white dress

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