BANANAMONKEYCAT?! Dan & Phil’s Internet News

BANANAMONKEYCAT?! Dan & Phil’s Internet News

Dan & Phil report on watermelon boy, the Kim-K of the sweet potato world & the bizarre cat/monkey with a hankering for banana.

It’s the one & only Internet News.



ShadowCadet4Life says:

I call gifs jifs too!´╗┐

Ashley Andrade says:

why are these uploaded on birthdays that I know. Uploaded on my friends birthday ­čśé­čśé´╗┐

Jessica Nguyen says:

melBORN lmao´╗┐


DAN SAYS:What are you gonna get out of licking a banana? ME: ARE YOU ACTUALLY KIDDING ME YOU DID THIS IN A VIDEO LIKE 6 YEARS AGO OMG´╗┐

chloeneedstostop says:

puppy monkey baby´╗┐

Emily Elizabeth says:

Dan has licked a banana before… It was very uncomfortable to watch so I can relate´╗┐

officialphandommember says:

is it weird that I like hearing dan say watermelon ??´╗┐

Abby Wilson says:

I just realized that Dan got matching glasses without lenses to match Phil's­čśü´╗┐

astroface says:

"We all eat a CHEEKY piece of fruit now and then" CHEEKY´╗┐

itsChellse l says:

Dan looks cute with glasss´╗┐

IAmNotEnglish says:

When Dan said 'Melbourne' I cringed. Any other Australians do the same?´╗┐

Chlochlounicorn says:

I was at the cricket game!´╗┐

Charlotte jane (Chazza) says:

they mentioned my country´╗┐

Bear Phan says:

Were can I watch/listen to there radio show when it's on anyway!?´╗┐

GlitteryBlack says:

What happened to that potato though?!?!?!´╗┐

Kaitydid Kaity says:

The silent war of Gif with either a soft G or a hard G´╗┐

LunarLoser says:

I broke 420 comments aww´╗┐

Zofia Juranty says:


Amelie Parker says:

i want dan and phil to reanact the money cat eating the banana´╗┐

Sweet Spark says:

The way Dan says Melbourne is kind of adorable. Too posh for us Aussies.´╗┐

Blue Angel YT says:

Phil said "they should give him a lifetime supply of watermelons" "who is they?" dan said. Australia is the watermelon god. SAVE YOUR WATERMELONS´╗┐

Amber Okorie says:

My favorite thing is when Phil just yells INTERNET NEWWWS and then that's just the segway,´╗┐

Anonymous Animal says:


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