CES 2018: internet-connected Wine Bottle Opener- BBC News

CES 2018:  internet-connected Wine Bottle Opener- BBC News

Coravin has unveiled an internet-connected version of the cork-sealing gadget it makes to preserve bottled wine.
By linking the Model Eleven to an app, the US firm says it has been able to introduce several new features.
These include the ability to match vintages with classic rock albums.
The BBC’s Chris Foxx was given a demo at the CES tech show in Las Vegas.

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David Chidester says:

I'd pay $50 for this. $1000? Hell no.

Серж Шуляченко says:

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M0nkey says:

I am assuming they are also selling the gas refills themselves. Give it a few years, once this tech is matured and there is more competition we will see this in a cheaper/better form

serjthereturn says:

Ah the technologies of late-capitalism. Good riddance

dAn says:

Tares don't drink!

Tares. Matthew 13:29&39. Rev 2:9&3:9. John 8:44. Sons of Cain. Sons of the first murderer. The Serpent seeds. Hazor. Ha tsor. The rock. Not our Rock. Perverts rock. Deuteronomy 32:32. The rock of offence. The stumblingblock. The world trade bank of old. Can't handle the truth.

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Next time you see them not drinking wine then you know something wrong. Wine. After fermentation only the best left. Holy communion. The purest liquid.

1Ti 5:23 Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake and thine often infirmities.

Good for you. Not by the gallon.

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The first miracle Jesus did in Cana of Galilee. John 2. Fermentation this word is to bring up. Reaching for the truth in the upstairs!

Lloyd says:

I think a true engineer would value the simplicity of a piece of cork in some glass over a comically over-engineered gimmick.

Zephyrr Sky says:

Putting devices everywhere to snoop, listen to and watch us.

charles cooper says:

only a wine drinker could have come up with something this stupid, i will stick with meths, it doesn't go off in air.

Josh says:

Dude looks and sounds like the dude of those cooking vlogs

el Médico Extraño says:

Look out for southeast asian hackers and terrorists they are growing fast

Ooran says:

the news anchor asks the guy why would a type of gadget cost 1000 dollar when you could buy more wine with that money and have alot more bottles? he says it is because of the experience and long term investments. oh my goodness seriously what the fuck i tell ya. i would buy 1000 dollar cork opener for experience and longterm investments? when is this 1000 dollar going to be paid like 1000 years later? ahahahahahha

Hackney Cuck says:


Shigeo Kageyama says:

It looks disgusting.

Chris Bishop says:

Wow really?! Now invent wifi toilet paper so i can tweet to you all that technology is $HIT!!!!!

A Google User says:

Instead I would spend that money on a holiday rather than this non durable gadget.

B. Hagedash says:

These guys obviously attended the printer-ink and Juicero school of marketing. Coravin charges $9 per 20ml refill of Argon which is only good for 15 glasses (60 cents per glass) when you can buy ultra pure (99.998) argon elsewhere at around $100 for 10 000ml.
A $1000 gadget and 60c per glass in perpetuity for a problem that people solved hundreds of years ago by pushing the extracted cork back in the bottle.

Space Cowbhoy says:

Utter Useless crap, Why not waste our time and lives by giving us some real news..!!

Doctor Manhattan says:

"My wife got pregnant and stopped drinking so I had a problem". Pretty sure an abortion costs less than $1000…

R Yokoe says:

Too expensive and not sure why it has to be connected to the internet, but it's a great idea.

DCBT says:

Juicero 2.0?

Matthew Mitchell says:

The most ridiculous invention ever.

Angela Titler says:

the scum at the BBC on their £750,000 a year pay for promoting sodomy will probably buy 2 (while tens 1000s of people starve because they have to buy a Nazi TV licence to watch BBC sodomy and miscegenation on a £5 TV)

Black dragon Kalameet says:

Why would I ever have need of this? Look how slowly the wine pours out.
Edit: " I had to finish the bottle on my own" ….. Don't see the problem here.

NaderR says:

Some new technologies are becoming ridiculous.

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