Dan & Phil’s Internet News

Dan & Phil’s Internet News

Dan & Phil offer commentary on a man using a bucket as a toilet at a computer in an internet cafe, unlikely animals friends, robot dog vs real dog and lottery winning brothers.

It’s the one & only Internet News.



Ashley Andrade says:

Uploaded on my birthday ­čÖî­čÖî´╗┐

Lachlan Russell says:

The lottery one reminds me of a story of a guy who one a couple of million dollars in the lottery, and was asked recreate it for the news, and won a couple few more million´╗┐

BlueGirlEmma says:

sorry if this is a weird question, but do dan and phil still have a radio show on bb radio 1? just wondering since i haven't been in the phandom for that long´╗┐

Ayuu Is Here says:

Are they coming back?´╗┐

niamhhasnolife says:

tbh dan and phil would share he money´╗┐

aw9reader says:

YAY! I finally found the playlist! :D´╗┐

Lucy says:


Emilie Reilly says:

Dan in a flannel what´╗┐

mallory andy says:

that look when dan just realized he used the word snazzed lol´╗┐

ThisChannelIsNotAboutSkye says:

2:36 is an important point´╗┐

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