Fake News Conspiracy – Radiation Increase – Repeaters on the Internet – Rex Bear

Fake News Conspiracy – Radiation Increase – Repeaters on the Internet – Rex Bear

Several topics discussed, during this podcast.
Question everything and be the change!



Dell Jr says:

LP should do a show either right before New Years or shortly after and make predictions, and precautions and suggestions of what people may need to prepare for throughout 2017.  Every year it's been something, 2016 not so much but I think 2017 the tree will be shaken up.Maybe get the old band together and talk about it.

blisterpacman says:

lol his intro is about that idiot from austin. try harder rex.

Matthew Vander Griend says:

LMAO! Way to go Rex. Call em as you see em!

Dragon Fire10786 says:

2017 is the year of transition. The next couple of years is going to be one hell of a ride.

vid76 says:

Thank You, Rex. Very good video… May 2017 be a great year for our country and world. God Bless

joe blow says:

ur a good man rex I don't like a few of the peps you have on and there fakery but u am honest person and I think all of us think a lot of you like yesterday intrervew I herd a few what!?! and explain what u mean I like how peps will say something and your like how and I can tell when you get the grill out lol

James DeWeaver says:

Cheers on these updates Rex!


Love it Rex.. good to see you pissed off once in awhile.. This calls for it indeed.. Thanx man. LIVLUVLAUGH <3

judy a braga says:

i love your show!!!


MonSatan or World Satan…I REFUSE to call them 'World saint' or MonSanto…definitely not saints in my book.

Jill Kennedy says:

Love you Rex! You have been doing a great job with your interviews!! I have learned a whole lot from your videos and just to say, some freaked me out but in a good way! lol There is a lot of radiation building up in our magnetosphere right now and it is going to get worse in the coming year. I don't have a meter to follow the progression so I like to see what your levels are just for my curiosity. Keep up the fantastic work and rant as much as you want! It's your channel! lol Cheers!

KimChi Preso says:

I think it would be cool to have a radio show of other radio show hosts….kinda like a round table of sort. It would be cool to hear you all just shoot the shit.

lincoln murphy says:

I resemble those first remarks. …lol…Peace Bro. …
You ROCK Mister Man…

Belinda Glascoed says:

cheers Rex .xx

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