Flashback! The Internet In 1995 | Archives | TODAY

Flashback! The Internet In 1995 | Archives | TODAY

Go back in time with these NBC News archive clips from 1994 and 1995 when the “World Wide Web” and Internet were mere mysteries. See what Matt Lauer, Katie Couric, Bryant Gumbel, Tom Brokaw, and Bill Gates had to say so many years ago.
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Flashback! The Internet In 1995 | Archives | TODAY



dedicated2WHOiLove says:

I didn't get "on-line" till 2006 at age 46. I'm going to sue America for not giving me a PC and free internet phone line going back to 1989 when the first 1 min 30 sec sex videos started being shared on the web.
God dam it I missed out on a whole bunch of porn :-(

Al Casablancas says:

Dumb blokes

Tony Lankford says:

Bryan Gumble is the biggest sounding dumbass ever

doyle30 says:

that guy needs a punch in the face

Thomas Smith says:

I'm afraid if I subscribe to "internet" I'll get hooked to weird fetishes and never be able to meet women to fulfill said fetishes !

Sigurd Mjelve says:

"In the year 2000"…. Biggest catchphrase of the 90's

Laurelindo says:

"It's very hip to be on the Internet right now."


Joseph Ybarra says:

This is so funny to watch now.

Kubali Khan says:

she works for yahoo now makes 30 million a year on yahoo news,she said also videogames was a waste of time she never let her kids play manhunt and grand thefy auto san andreas while hillary clinton wanted to ban videogames…now katie kuric love videogames cause she was with pewtie pie she hugging him and said these games are cool..reason pewtie pie makes 20 million a year on youtube…

Evil Gary says:

1:20 Burrrrn!

Pokemon1981 PikaJilly says:

Dial-Up Aol 1998 to 2011. High Speed Comcast Cable (no phone) 2011-2016. Wow!

Liam Redmond says:

Hello I'm Tom Brokaw and I'm exceptionally easy to imitate

Tree Hugger says:

I find it interesting that Katie Couric thought that it was "constant bombardment of information" back in 1995 when the amount of info you could find on the net back then was practically zero compared to what we have now.And that's without when you put into consideration connection speed, which now allows you to switch between 10 different tabs like it's nothing.

Vention1MGTOW says:

These same clueless people (or people just like them) sound just as clueless when they try to talk about bitcoin these days (or maybe a year ago). They're only now just starting to get a clue.

maybewise says:

My 10 year old brother was for SURE I was joking wen I told him that the internet was new to the masses in the mid-90's. He had guessed that it was invented in the 30's.  But I told him not to feel TOO stupid, since I thought it started in at LEAST the 70's (guess I'm SOMEWHAT right, since that's when Apple was started), before that commercial based on this clip came out.

Huan Baer says:

Bill Gates looks about 19 years old in those 1995 clips lol.

DireClown says:

0:09 Those "few dollars a month" really added up back then!! I remember chatting on AOL for hours, and my parents went nuts when they saw the phone bill! ;-)

Max Fowler says:

WOw ,
so interesting , absolutely fascinating .

TheZman1978 says:

the internet saved my life.

badgerman says:

I'm serious when say that the internet did make our society more advance, especially with smart phones, MP3 players, and tablet devices.

GuanoLad says:

Those were the right things to get excited about, and to be concerned about. They anticipated those factors immediately.

Blackjack115 says:

And it only took them 17 years to find out who invented it.

TheZman1978 says:

if it wasn't for the internet I would still be a virgin. I'm 40 and lost my virginity in 1998 from a girl that I met In a chat room. 95% of the women that I've had sex with since have been met through chat rooms, social media, personal ads online etc. Seriously. If the internet hadn't been invented I might very well be a virgin today because I never had social skills in high school.

jimmy dean says:

I remember back when I first started spending a lot of time on the Internet I was wasting a lot of time in chat rooms lol. I also never was able to foretell the information that the Internet would bring. I never foresaw Wikipedia or how to videos on YouTube.

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