Internet balloons headed to Puerto Rico (CNET News)

Internet balloons headed to Puerto Rico (CNET News)

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juan velez says:

Trump is not helping us!! They passed out one plate of food per family!! SOS

funnyandabsurd says:

Good, now they can avoid fake news and watch alex jones.

osbely says:

Learn how to say PUERTO correctly

wirsindheldenowns says:

at least they can go to pronhub now!!! phew, i'd die w/o my porn

Jake Selkirk says:

Why wouldn't they just use satellites?

Nic Montero says:

β€œThe future is now, old man.”

alex is shook says:

But if they don't have electricity won't their phone's and other devices be dead? Cool idea, but I don't know.

GoodDay says:

Does it dispense toilet paper?

TryHardPilot says:

ah how are they gonna use that wifi, their phones are dead cause no electricity

tripp vorreo says:

This may sound cheesy but what if for one Christmas they released loon balloons for everyone around the world

Isaiah's Reviews says:

But yet we can't buy unlimited data/internet

Joe Johnson says:

What good is this when they have no electricity? The Japanese did this in world war 2, very few made it.

tiltheendoftim3 says:

So glad people are getting WiFi over food, shelter, and water after hurricane Maria πŸ˜’

future1997 says:

I hope the internet is not censored

FastLikeUNO says:

Love Google β™‘

Guri Pandher says:

The ballot looks like a giants used condom

dbsirius says:

Hungry, thirsty, but there's WIFI.

Toonami30 says:

Every little bit helps.

Dieter Rust says:

Honestly with this disaster, I hope all "futuristic" companys go and help out, show how amazing technology can help them out and better their lives for the future

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