Internet Comment Etiquette: “News Websites”

Internet Comment Etiquette: “News Websites”

Whoops I forgot to make this one longer than ten minutes



Scott Pearson says:

Uso yahoo news

D Vivid says:

I have a bedea

robert sofia says:

Erik your dolphin impersonation SUCKS

Jack Topper says:

La estacíón de noticias que soy es NBC noticias cuatro. That's what news station I am in soanish

Tim ONeil says:

this was the first video I ever saw of yours. after a full week of binge watching every single thing you have put on this channel I must say this to you sir. well done

TheYuki444 says:

¿Con que el comentario tiene que ser en español?Pues eso, el mejor sitio de noticias es Yahoo News "_" .

ldmt1995 says:

Awww you're still beautiful Erik, you're sick as a dog but you're beautiful.

Arai says:

FUCK YOU ! We, the proud people of Japan, eat more pussy then you'll ever know…
Also the word for dolphin in japanese is "Sea Pig" so we eat that shit like you americunts eat bacon. FUCK THE DOLPHINS ! I know I did ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

TheBigGamePlayer says:

Me es una la newsa vg. Vg el somethnig norwegiano news cannnnelllee….. Perfect Spanish

bsmartt13 says:

hey erick why are you always wet and greasey by the end of you video does your mom not bathe you?

TartTooth says:

Muy taco.

waterfoxtheelf1 says:

mi sitio web de noticias favorito es el mundo

Samdara says:

damn he WAS beautiful and healthy in that yahoo news video what happened

Eunjiblossom says:

Finland has a great education system, but they have to learn Finnish, so joke's on them

Monty Gordon says:

cum on me

Coel Thomas says:

Yo Erik, I like your videos, but I found it weird when you called John Oliver a cuck. First of all, that's a fucking weird insult mostly used by like white supremasists. Secondly, John Oliver does project his own opinion strongly in his pieces, but he's pretty damn funny and makes a lot of good points. I agree with your comments about sourcefed, I've watched them for a while and they used to be better. Still watch Philip DeFranco though, he actually brought me to your page. Keep tweeting at politicians, it's fucking hilarious. #torillatavataan

Cynthia says:

Love this guy.

Connor Shakles says:

Sourcefed Rules supreme

Mina Marovich says:

id still tap that

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