[Internet] Let’s talk about why MTV News hates White Men

[Internet] Let’s talk about why MTV News hates White Men

Its the end of 2016, which means its time for those 2017 New Year’s Resolutions. MTV News decided to play the racist/sexist/bigoted card by releasing a short video about how White Men can do better in 2017…and self awareness goes completely over their head.


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Dav Vivar says:

mtv literally gone full jew mode

max larsen says:

I love that none of them look over the age of 35 XD

gus chigguns says:

Quite the contrary, I thought the current year was amazing!!!!!

skateboardbeast says:

I'm just waiting for the video about how racism and white supremacy forced them to remove a video and censor them.

Jesse Jones says:

For someone who claims, to be not "throwing all people's of one group in with the other", who sure like misrepresenting Saudi Arabia, with a claim that has been made, and I have never seen a link, to a execution that took place in Iran. Also, how many civilians have our "Christian" nations killed in the last, oh let's say 16 years?! I bet it's worse than these horrible terrorist attacks. So let's not generalize again with, "primarily brown people shouting Allahu Akbar!"

GrandCorsair says:

So this is real? Well my faith in humanity just keeps dropping.

dMb says:

The USA is absolutely awesome if you aren't white.

Don't believe me? Go somewhere else, and if it's better there, stay.

DoomRulz says:

I wonder what went through the teeny heads of these colossal morons when Trump won.

Jon-Erich Smith says:

When I first saw that video, I had to check to make sure it was legit. It seemed more like a satire of SJW propaganda. Sadly, that wasn't the case.

planepuller says:

I sleep like a baby as a white man. Why? Because it is what I DO for others not what I am.

Tara Sophia says:

#NotAll Cops are White… Mind Blow

Ensign Minneapolis says:

One problem: More people voted for Clinton than Trump… Just saying.

Uncle Bubba says:

Black Lives Matter is a racist hate group. There is no doubt. They are no different than the KKK.

Jake Brewington says:

Oh yes, MTV News. Not only that they're stupid, they're wrong.

mattias fäldt says:

Who watch MTV anyway nowdays

Unfunny Dilbert 1876 says:

It's not just certain members of the movement that are advocating for defunding the police. Alicia Garza herself is advocating for it.

Peter Jacobsen says:

All lives don't matter, some lives matter, do you think terrorists' lives matter?

xTGE says:

The only reason why racism still exists in America is because members of the black community keep it alive. These are the same idiots that will dish out racist comments that claim that 'blacks can't be racist because we were salves' when no-one alive today was a slave.

Shawn Williams says:

so black people are killing people of all races left and right.Arabic people have been blowing shit up every other week and other races and women have been making up hate crimes.Yet white men are the one that needs a New Year's resolution

mclaine33 says:

What a bunch of fucking racist niggs in that video. Seriously fuck MTV

ST says:

People like this ruined 2016. Everyone who voted for Trump saved it.

Aaron Bergey says:

I defy you to find a better nation than ours. The only problem are leftists importing any minority they can acquire (like pokemon). What other nation let's you train body, mind, or both to become a millionaire? Think that NFL player could make millions playing soccer for Ghana?
Black lives matter, white lives matter, all or no lives matter. get over it bitches.
And maybe if you didn't abuse black cops, calling them uncle toms etc, or blame cops, period, maybe we wouldn't even NEED blue lives matter.
Beyonce sucks balls. Racist bitch.

Niji The Fruit Loop says:

Pfft…this is the most hilarious thing I ever seen from MTV. What's that? Oh it's a serious video? That's even more funny! I really hope by 2017 that SJWs learn to get their heads out of their asses and do something with their lives other than bitching on the internet about how white people "oppress" them. Because maybe instead of blaming other people for your problems you could le gasp! REALIZE YOU'RE THE PROBLEMATIC ONE AND YOU SHOULD CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE!

MilesUmbrae says:

I have the cure for the cancer that is SJW's .. injecting the cancer with large quantities of NaClO…

Torelethain says:

been a while since you have done a response video, this one struck a nerve.

MilesUmbrae says:

@MundaneMatt: I have a question; What does a "Cock-less wonder" look like?

Dominique Savoie says:

Moronic TV… or the a racist bigoted sexist TV… oh I forgot, you cannot be racist or sexist towards white men because… reasons….

Johnny Dominguez says:

Funny how they're presenting tweens-n-teens to be "funny" but in reality are lecturing us on how to behave to fit their utopian ideas.

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