Internet Outraged At Neocon Fake News Monster Judith Miller

Internet Outraged At Neocon Fake News Monster Judith Miller

wow this story is unbelievable, but Miss WMD lie seller herself Judith Miller just tweeted “Obama commutes sentence of Chelsea Manning. How many people died because of manning’ leak?” we respond accordingly. For more videos like this checkout

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Yisroel Dovid Weiss says:

Its a jew "reporter" what do you expect?
These insane messianic all work together for destruction of humanity, they are the chosen people, right?

Kyle Smith says:

He was commuted because he is transgender Obama likes that!

Eki Rasche says:

What do you expect from a Zionist presstitute?

Tatorhead Maden says:

Really overdone ,this time…find something your viewers care about. Monster? the worst? Get a grip!

Timothy Price says:

Propaganda media…
National Public Radio (misnomer) covered Chelsea Manning sentence commutation with a series of interviews entirely negative, condemning the decision as likely to encourage others to betray loyalty to the U.S., even quoting John Mccaine calling it an act of treason. Nothing at all about the crimes she exposed done by the military. Hope Trump seeks to remove NPR's nonprofit status as they are a Zionist propaganda machine. Disgusting!!!!

Friendly sky says:

She's not the worst ever. Just your generations version of Morley Safer.

Friendly sky says:

Coincidentally, Douglas Valentine's new book just released! The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World.

Puter V says:

The NY Times is a CIA run newspaper like many other media outlets. Judith Miller is a neocon "journalist". Trump has exposed all these assholes and hence they are after his blood.

Chelsea Manning is a hero and so is Julian Assange. They have both been penalized for whistle blowing and exposes the crimes of the Bush and Obama regimes. What have we come to?

vtg100 says:

Some bloke was saying the same line "there probably have been murders' on BBC radio 4 this morning. Which fake news agency is putting it all out? Luke, is it my system or youtube or what, that is making your lip sink so badly out? You move your mouth just after what you are saying – it makes it look a bit dubbed.

Maximum Overkek says:

The news has always been FAKE we are just aware of this now!

Ruthusmusic says:

Monster fits right.

tommystock64 says:

Judith puts the shoe on the wrong foot .

Don Akright says:

Ever notice that the name "jew" is its own racial slur?

Pablo Manchaca says:

(((Judith Miller)))

MaxOneMedia says:

Judith Miller is a Satanic Zionist Jew, she is also pushing the lies about Russia hacking the election. Satanic Jews lie to get nations in war. Satanic Jews caused WW1 and WW2. Satanic Jews are demons from Hell and lying and mass murder is what they do best

praetoriancorps says:

its ironic how you can take previous articles published by msm and then use it against them. And then they dare to call you fake news.

Marc Hauser says:

Nobody needed to know any of the information in the documents Bradley Manning released. This is in stark contrast to the Edward Snowden and Seth Rich case. It is probable that people did die due to the release of content Manning released. So, there's no reason to let him off, well, other than the fact he's a faggot.

Confusius says:

<sarcasm>But there were WMD in Iraq after the invasion, so, in some way, she's very smart & predictive ! </sarcasm>

Mollygaga42 says:

Fuck Judith miller the sadistic killer,lets grill her,then put her in the chiller!

MrBasinator says:

Whistle blowers are the heroes we should support. Everybody who tries to stop them, are by definition wrong and guilty of something BAD.

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