News report from 1981 about the Internet

News report from 1981 about the Internet

A news report from 1981 about the Internet and receiving an entire newspaper through the phone line.



TheSpogNYC says:

I was born in 1981. Watching this, I thought to myself, "Damn, I'm one old sonuva bitch."

John Salmond says:

Remember Hollerith Cards.. The Wang Card Reader and the Computer Club at Chiddex JR High.. Hard to believe.. I was in college in 1981.. Bless you Bob Fenis..

ltnynkee says:

this will never catch on! it will never replace the dependable newspaper or the trustworthy news correspondents!

GoodDay says:

2 hours to get 4k movie

Chris Saindon says:

0:39 Acoustic Coupler hot DAMN! Yep, I used EMAIL in the early 80s at 300 baud. To kid these days (oh no — I'm OLD now) that is like watching grass grow.

Sam Akhtar says:

being born in 97 this is so interesting man things have changed so much

GamingCasing says:

35 years later it's full of cancer!

Asskickingness2014 says:

How did we survive back then..?

hemojr says:

That dial-up service was not the Internet per se. It wasn't even AOL. In fact the Internet was still ARPANET, funded by the DoD, not publically accessible and hadn't yet even started using TCP/IP. But if you want to call it the Internet, go ahead.

Rushton Dobbins says:

What are we reporting on now that our children will laugh at?Like how we laugh at this.

NorBdelta says:

Little do they know it would eventually be used exclusively to propagate dank memes

Better Worse says:

Where's the pron?

Chad Delk says:

The early days of using the Internet in our everyday lives.

Frank Alexander says:

Imagine shopping on your phone while pooping?

John Kleiner says:

Video here looks to be from KRON 4 in San Francisco, which was the Bay Area's NBC station at the time.

sonnyblack0870 says:

I love watching stuff like this… I'll do them one better – Imagine waking up, going to the washroom in the morning, pulling your phone out of your pocket, which has a personal computer built into it, and getting your daily news via txt or video.

John Booker says:

Is that thing still around. It's a fad.

John Major says:

Aaaahhh, good times!

mark jacobs says:

That adds deceiving as hell full newspaper 📰 maybe only print

Patrick Lange says:

It's now 2015 and newspaper stands still exists. At least in my area.

cBe9999 says:

I keep telling people the internet's gonna be big. Imagine some day when you could sit down and even watch short TV clips. Mind you, it'd probably cost thousands of pounds and need a computer the size of a house to do it. But it'd be fantastic and no-one would ever take it for granted.

Nils Osmar says:

34 years later, we still have morning coffee :)

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