News: Serena Williams Says ‘Yes’ To Proposal By White Internet Entrepreneur



Rufus 54 says:

You would think the treatment she received at Indian Wells would have swayed her from marrying white.  Oh well, bad ASSumption on my behalf.

Rufus 54 says:

What was that about when black men get some money, they marry white?

Blackatchaproduction says:

so no one bashing her? no coon calling or shaming? how hypocritical of black youtube. but besides the hypocrisy of much of negro youtube on this. who didnt expect this to happen? she only fucks with "white" guys. and makes excuses for her "white" "tennis friend's" racism

Cerrome Afrocanus says:

Won't last

Dhalsim says:

So tell me both of the Williams Sisters are with their God they deify…

Jellz Tate says:

I'm confused, is it racist to be mad at interracial relationships or isn't it?

Sadiah ani says:

DRAKE AND COMMON DID NOT MARRY HER. She could also choose from a host of classy, elegant, and successful black men.

H Jr says:

man fuck that bitch. off with her head

Ekene Okere says:

the media saying reddit founder like he is some billionaire when actually he is worth only 4 million which is almost 40 times less than serena williams.

stevah dabevah says:

Nice couple.

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