News: U.S. Government Hands Internet Control Over To Non-Profit Company, ICANN

News:  U.S. Government Hands Internet Control Over To Non-Profit Company, ICANN

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MrTheguy1111 says:

Can't be a good move. And that judge that was discussed was actually appointed by Obama…..

Thulsa Doom says:

free speech is at stake because you gave away an address book? Did they give away the DNS Servers? no…does google still own their DNS Servers? how did they give away control of the internet? first of all the internet is not owned by anyone….i always doubted dr boyce credibility but this most certainly confirms how false he is

FudgedKream says:

Hey I don't understand in the long run if this process

ChannelMath says:

how many of these politicians really understand this issue? my guess is none.
esp. funny how Cruz is usually for the US gov giving up control to private orgs.

Reality is that ICANN can't censor anyone because anyone can set up their own DNS server (hackers do this, for obvious reasons). Internet routers are each still controlled by private citizens or companies that can choose to set them up any way they want. In the worst case, it would take a few days for people to arrange an independent alternative to DNS and restore access to whatever was meant to be censored. It would only be slightly annoying to have such an 'alternative internet' (actually, tor effectively does this already).

Maybe it would be more difficult to do this across the entire globe, but countries already have censorship power over the big cables connecting them to other countries, so nothing new there.

keving52002 says:

ICANN ,sound similar to YES WE CAN …. Change has come but who said it all would be good.

keving52002 says:

America has long sense sold out. and our president is the front man for the new world order. The internet tells the truth and state ran media lies. Thats why this whole deal went down. There are plenty of people on youtube that warned us that this was coming five years ago. Why are blacks the last to pick up on anything. Because we are the most distracted by bullshit .Been telling our people about this eight years ago ,and they looked at me like i was crazy. things like the internet ,martial law. the destruction ot the Dollar .Now its coming to a head and we are starting to wake up. and shame on you black preacher ,you get dozens or thousands of our people every Sunday in the chuch and you dont warn or tell the truth about whats really happening in the world or society that has been written in the holy book. Most of you are only concerned with your Cadilac ,Bently, BMW, or your homes!!!

Esharido says:

Well..this looks like a wrap then. The internet and our phones were our one defence.

Elden Davis says:

Good Video, Low Audio.

Jennifer Cloake says:

Censoring countries will take charge and censor media just like they are already doing with MSM blackouts. Freedom of speech no more. Whoever has control wins. This alone, not a big deal if you assume everyone plays nice. With political criminals, this is the first step in their world domination plan. Harmless on the surface, but possibly disastrous outcome. The question is why would anyone give away prized possession without a good reason. Makes no sense. I'm guessing someone's got us by the balls.

G says:

Well at least there's still live leak

hellohey000 says:

well they stay scheming….what did we expect. we are coming together to quickly due to the internet and they have to try to stop it somehow.  you see they are very clear about us being their enemy, we are the ones that need to wake up to that fact

Hombre Consejo says:

Ive been reading about this most of the day…the world as we know it is definitely changing before our eyes in an unprecedented fashion with the ICANN transfer to the UN. This ought to be topic of most constructive conversations today.

Kwame Palavin says:

If ALL the pipes runs through and on your property AND you control ALL the On OFF switches, what did u give up by letting others put stuff into YOUR pipeline? NOTHING ! The internet was developed as a military weapon when do you ever give up a useful weapon without having a BETTER ONE ? NEVER ! This is all smoke and mirrors. The story is not HERE , look elsewhere for the REAL STORY !!!

La2da Bay says:

Black folks better learn how technology works or else yall gonna be without the internet. Then you won't be able to post videos of the genocide that's happening to you for the world to see.

roy hunt says:

They are watching, and listening be careful what you say, and do.

tommybrown187 says:

This is only a covert way for the government to control the internet WITHOUT the legal regulations beholden to government.

Elliott Shaffer says:

thanx for your vids boyce

fierce cat says:

are you CHEWING GUM as you read? towards the end I can hear you chew. gross.


Interesting. Thanks for the info. Hadn't heard this anywhere.

Jack1uptone says:

Yeah, they started releasing information about this a few months ago, most people ignored it or had not heard anything about it when they first started reporting about this, i believe this is why facebook been screening so hard and banning black people left and right.

beastmode32 says:

This is to stop Julian Esange because of his announcement on Tuesday. They want him dead

Blackatchaproduction says:

the United snakes wanted to pass sopa and another bill like sopa. to benefit the corps like comass who are an isp service. but now they worried about this? united snakes is funny

cityking9ne says:

Shit, from what I understand Facebook does this to black users RIGHT NOW.

shoe458 says:

Martial law is coming

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