OBAMA SINGS UPTOWN FUNK! – Dan & Phil’s Internet News

OBAMA SINGS UPTOWN FUNK! – Dan & Phil’s Internet News

The news that they don’t tell you on the real news – BECAUSE THEY’RE LAME.

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Terry Jj says:

'I love hearing about you family' in the loving voice of Phil trash #1

Danielle Cosino says:

"I love hearing about your family" -Dan Howell 2015

Rose Stone says:

Basic rundown of Phil's family:
-2 parents
-A dad that for a long time gave Phil power tools for xmas and bday gifts
-A mom who is presumably a lobster and knows lots of weird random facts
-A brother who had an imaginary dog friend named lashondra and often tricked Phil into believing weird and terrible things
-Grandparents who were cousins
-A grandma who was supposedly psychic and could predict things in her dreams and (if it's the same grandma) also made a habit of tricking Phil into believing weird terrible things

What an interesting childhood Phil must have had

Magster Cosmetix says:

The best Obama dub was Panda >-<

April says:

dan in glasses is my religion

Twenty Øne Phans! At The Disco says:

"I love hearing about your family"


Lydia Rose says:

I had an imaginary friend who was just my best friend but an imaginary version of her.

Phil's eyelash says:

obama dubbs are like my fav things

Natasha M says:


Rocío Nieto Jiménez says:

Dan smiles every time Phil says Internet news

sheyla isin says:

D&P: "Oh my god, will it flush?"
Me: "RHEEEEEEEET LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!! Could u guys pppplllllleeeeaaassseee ask the age 'ol question, will it flush? idk will it? WILL IT FLUSHHHH?!?!?!?!
crafts in the corner because of her phangirl/mythical beast's desires and needs

TalkingBubbles says:

dan: i love hearing about your family

me: omgomgomg heart melts

Sisterdanielblessesyou TRASH says:

Dan + glasses = hawt. Phil + glasses = cute and hawt

JennersM GA says:

"Will it flush?" I love when they synchronize

MarbleSoda says:

Lolol will it flush is a thing

Potterhead Fangirl says:

I have the slightest idea that a large sponge woudn't flush, since it obsorbs (OBSOOOOOORB NOMNOMNOMNOM) all the water..just a thought though……..

anhsirkeee says:

i love how cute phil saying "internet news"

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