The Internet’s Top 6 Baes of 2016

The Internet’s Top 6 Baes of 2016

Sometimes, we’re struck with awe-inspiring examples of people working hard to achieve their dreams and earning recognition for their accomplishments. This year, for instance, the world watched transfixed as 19-year-old Simone Biles won four Olympic gold medals and set a new American record for most gold medals in women’s gymnastics. Other times, however, we’re struck with examples of people who earn overnight viral fame because the internet is a cesspool of people looking to objectify any ol’ thing. These real human beings become viral hotties and are ultimately reduced to a hashtag because we (incorrectly) don’t expect teachers, senior citizens, or prisoners to be attractive. But for the entirety of that sweet, sick, journey, they’re always #bae.

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Gamed FoLife says:

You my only bae of this year!

ravens fan says:

Tamara you my bae

Mark C. says:

I don't care what anyone says…

ThaGreaT FranK says:

Your first pick was a fraud she wasn't even a teacher!! Shows how much research y'all actually do for your videos…

Giddy says:

Tamara is my bae damn

Hiram Salinas says:

Tamara is bae

Not Based God says:

tamara dhia my bae of 2016

Ajoued TIT says:

where is the one dance girl ?

bikerchic650 says:

You forgot the young Biden pics… Come on complex lol

M4RS says:

Emily not on the list???

Manny Garcia says:

why wasnt sean evans on this list?

AwesomeJBEAST109 says:

Natasha better be on here

8bitgoon says:

worst title 2016

jamie rob14 says:

Tamara Dhia the real top bae of 2016

Bill Jones says:

Tamara bae forever

Kool.Creation says:

Who's your favorite 2016 Bae?

Logan Productions says:

Bae go to everyone

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