Water birth video stuns the internet – BBC News

Water birth video stuns the internet – BBC News

Giving birth is never easy – but for mum Audra Lynn it was a textbook delivery. The footage of her water birth in Orange County, California has stunned social media users because the baby seemingly pops out after only a few contractions. The clip, uploaded to Instagram and Facebook, has had more than 16 million views since it was posted on September 3. Midwife Lisa Marie Sanchez Oxenham filmed the birth and said it was “an incredible moment”.

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friends for life partners in crime says:

makes me horny. OYAH

Devin Rossi says:

the baby could have died you dummy who would want to have a baby in water 😈😈😈😈😈

Jamie Garcia says:

She is so blessed to be able to birth at home. I'm jealous!

kenzii spencerr says:

that was gorgeous 💜💜💜😍

Christina Hinton says:

Is she not in any pain? Omg I feel like it's agonizing pain but she's not showing it! So crazy what we women can do.

Ahmad Ashrh says:

موضوع مقزز

Siei Fodororo says:


Comic Book Guy says:

Why all the hype? millions of women post birth stuff all the time, what's so special about this?

Mohammad Dakkak says:

شو هاد سلت سلت كأنوا… 😂😂😂

Leano xX says:

He's gonnna be a great swimmer lol

jace kherl says:

that was fast

مودي بيبو says:

ma sha allah

مودي بيبو says:

سبحان الله وبحمده عدد خلقة ومداد كلماته

David Hall says:

COngratulations and welcome to the world. But I have to ask- why do we need a spoiler (the annotation) for 55 second video? Very Bob Costas like.

tianci li says:

It's so fast! Lucky mom!

David McDermott says:

thank you for sharing such a wonderful moment….congratulations. just ignore any negative comments. they are just ignorant individuals

The Castelan says:

She looks like she's having a Humungus dump.

Net Neutral says:

How come there was no blood?

Johnny jai says:



NDT ESP says:

Welcome to the world, little one – may you live long and prosper!

Jai Haki says:

Welcome to the word little one!

John Burton says:

Wow I almost cried and ppl are sayin this is gross…. little dumb dumbs in the comments this is life starting!! same way you came into the world! Deal with it, thuglife!! Peace

John Burton says:

wats up lil guy! welcome to the world congratats mom and dad! !!!!

Expand Carp says:

Wait, is this the first water birth? No? Why?

elaineg60 says:

Beautiful!! Congrats to Mom & Dad and welcome to the nuthouse little one!! I wanted SO bad to do this when my eldest was born over 30yrs ago-they wouldn't even let me go to the birthing center because I'm so tiny & she was "big" (for someone who was barely 118lbs @9 months preg!!) Of course, they also said I'd never be able to breastfeed & not to even try-I did, all 3 kids, with no problems! Thankfully, times have changed!

Debra Charles-clay says:

Wow, it looked so much easier than the way it's normally done these days. Beautiful.

SabuPtolemy says:

Welcome to the world, little one – may you live long and prosper!

Holli Barnes says:

what wrong with people.. if you think this is gross the never have kids… it's the most beautiful thing ever…

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